Milch Kuh

It’s simply not possible to be more laid back than Milch Kuh. Who can be surprised? If you are grazing in a sumptuous orchard and munching juicy cherries, sweet strawberries and refreshing lemons, then you hardly have a care in the world. And if you have come across this calm animal with a milk moustache, you’ll know that only the best milk comes into this Trolli bag.

Warm-hearted Milch Kuh is a genuine herd animal and likes to be around her family and friends. When she’s out and about with her best mates Playmouse and the Saure Glühwürmchen then boredom can just pack her bags and go for a holiday on the moon. One day the five friends generously gave ice cream away to passers-by. The passers-by were filled with joy – but the friends were filled with glee when the passers-by discovered little Saure Glühwürmchen in their ice-cream!

What we didn’t want to tell you: when we were filming our new advertising spot, Milch Kuh really provided us with a challenge. Her clumsiness created quite a furore across the entire film crew. Sometimes she knocked over coffee cups when turning around; sometimes she ran, yawning loudly, into the shot when we were taking the Glow Worm group pic; or she tripped over the cable with her delicate feet. She herself took it all serenely, laughed gallantly and simply got up off the floor again. It can happen. And as soon as she fluttered her innocent cow eyelashes at us, we had already forgotten about the trouble she had caused.

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Milch Kuh

Since our Milch Kuh appeared on the meadow for the first time in 2004, all fruit gum fans have fallen in love with her. She gives you what you need for a perfect snack experience because she has plenty of fresh milk and calcium and is also suitable for people who need to avoid gluten.

Nutritional information

100g contain about:

calorific value
330 kcal
0,4 g
77 g
5,8 g