Bold as brass and frisky, they stick their snub noses into every Trolli bag of sweets. Their highly developed sense of smell means the Playmouse can sniff out any Trolli fruit gum – providing tough competition for all those with sweet teeth. As soon as they get on the scent of a bag, they whisk it off to their houses and store it away for especially boring moments. So if one of your Trolli bags seems to be missing, take a quick peep in the next mouse hole you come across. And if you ever happen to set eyes on these pesky mice – then for goodness’ sake, don’t tell them they’re sweet! They don’t like to be told this, because at heart they’re wild and reckless.

You won’t find them in their mouse holes very often, because they are often out and about with their friends Milch Kuh and the Saure Glühwürmchen. With their easygoing nature they can really bring a neo-grey office jungle or dust-grey school playground colourfully to life.

Recently the Playmouse set off the Trolli button in the city’s dreariest skyscraper in the middle of the night. BAM! At once they catapulted the metropolis into a fizzy firework of taste with their Bizzl Mix and Spaghetti Sour. No one with a sweet tooth could resist them. And down every alleyway, folks were stuffing themselves with colourful Trollis.

So you see: our play mice are delightfully illogical and take pleasure in the finer things in life. Their secret hobby: making 3D graffiti with Trolli products. You should try it for yourself.


Contents & nutritional information


Single pieces


Ever since their creator brought them into the limelight on the Trolli stage in 2002, everyone with a sweet tooth has succumbed. Play Mice are the antithesis to party poopers and even please those sweet-toothed people who need to avoid gluten or lactose.

Nutritional information

100g contain about:

calorific value
337 kcal
0,1 g
77 g
5,4 g